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Background Checks

It is important to check your own records so you know what employers see. Your records could be wrong or you may be suprised to find that your conviction does not even show up. You should check your records at more than one company because different companies use different databases and you want to know what all of them say about you. Many businesses use these services:

Instant Background Reports $29.95
Criminal Check Services $15.99
Info Registry Information Authority $24.95

How to get your credit report for Free(really free, information)

Obtaining your FBI record - Important for immigration and other higher level jobs.

Background Check For Travel To Other Countries - If you need a visa or certificate of good conduct to enter a country, check this link.

Online Video Courses for Freelance Jobs

I highly recommend freelance jobs for felons. There are many advantages including no background checks and even those on home confinement can work these jobs. For more information visit the information page:

Felons and Working Freelance Jobs on the Hire-Me Network


Find out if you can join the US Army US Army Felony Policy


eBay as a full time job

If you are interested in starting a business using eBay or if you just need to supplement your income, you can find a great resource that explains all the in's and out's of eBay as a business along with information not available anywhere else at


Improving Yourself

People judge you by the grammar you use. If you do not speak well during an interview or use proper grammar in your resume cover letter, then you will not even be considered for many jobs. Join this free email grammar course to find out how you can improve your grammar with some easy tips.

Free Grammar Improvement Email Course.

Reading Comprehension is a critical skill. Almost any job that pays real money requires you to read and understand what you are reading. Many people were never taught reading skills and may have given up trying to read as a result. This is unfortunate because there are methods that can help you improve your reading comprehension and memory. Check them out here

Reading Comprehension improvement course.


Avoid Scams That Target Ex Felons

There are many scams targeting ex felons which offer work-at home opportunities that are fake, fake jobs to con you into revealing your social security number for identity theft, promise to remove criminal records and more. There is no resource that deals with these but general resources explain how these scams work. They are the same scams all over the internet, they are just tailored to ex-cons.

You should signp for the free safety course at Auction-Safety.Org which will help you avoid not only eBay scams but many internet scams.

Non Profit Organizations

These organizations offer assistance for felons and drug addicts seeking jobs.

In Chicago try

You can check with Goodwill anywhere because they try to help the disadvantaged and disabled and United Way may be helpful

Another organization that helps drug addicts and ex-convicts and has offices in a number of states is

They actually do not offer jobs but can provide unpaid training.

Check your local Job Service office too. They frequently have special jobs available to felons. Many employers simply need a strong back and on their job forms they say they will hire ex-cons. This makes it easy for you because you know in advance they do not care about your background.

You can find resources at the Legal Action Center which will help you rebuild your life.

Another possible resource in California is

Career One Stop can help with placement of ex-cons too


Voting Information For Felons


Resume Resources

Complete Resume Writing Secrets Guide

Additional free resourcs are provided to members of the mailing list.


College Funding

For information on reducing your college costs or even going to college for free, see


Improve Your Skills

Grammar Improvement Course - improving your grammar is critical because you have to deal with customers, coworkers, and interviewers. If your grammar is bad then they will dismiss you as dumb and you will never be taken seriously when speaking or writing. Signup for this free grammar course to improve your grammar.

Reading Comprehension - Are you a poor reader? Many people like you may have simply never learned the right way to read. This video course on reading comprehension and memory can help you improve your skills.


Bureau of Prisons

WOTC Program

Ex Offender Programs by BOP


Other Recommended Resources

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